Our bike workshops

Our bike workshops are run by our engineers Neil and Steven who are assisted by our volunteers who all previously took part in our Build Your Own Bike course.

We can repair your bike, service it or give it a complete makeover. We also have a large selection of frames and parts which can be turned into the bespoke bike you always wanted, at a fraction of the price of a new one. The income from our bike workshops support our charities other activities.

Our bikes typically cost between £200-£400 and children’s bikes are between £50-£100.

Neil runs our Maryhill workshop / Photography by Open Aye

Maryhill bike workshop

Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm

0141 946 0777

77 Chapel Street
G20 9BD

Steven runs our Bridgeton workshop / Photography by Open Aye

Bridgeton bike workshop

Tuesday – Friday 10am-5pm

0141 550 3854

Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust
76-136 Fordneuk Street
G40 3AH

Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity or tools to service electric bikes.

It is important to call us ahead of your visit as our Bike Engineers may be busy working with participants.

“I have now had three bikes put together from old (and some new) parts, and have been very pleased with each of them. Every time I visit I get undivided attention and good advice and you feel that the people who work there take pride in what they do, which shows in the bikes they make and how they make them.”

At our bike workshops, we are passionate about making cycling accessible and affordable. Did you know we don’t charge for our engineers’ or volunteer’s expertise?

Your generous donation can make a significant impact by allowing us to maintain the meaningful activities we provide to our volunteers and participants.

Donate a bike

If you have a bike that you no longer want, please consider donating it and we will use it for a Build Your Own Bike course, or recondition it and sell it on. 
It does not matter what state the bike is in. If it cannot be rebuilt we can usually use the parts. We also accept incomplete bikes, parts, accessories and tools.
Donations of bike parts and dirty bikes are welcome.
If possible, please bring your bring your bike to us. If you can’t, we may be able to arrange for a volunteer to collect it.
If you have a bike you would like to donate email Neil at neil@commonwheel.org.uk

Please include:

Your name

Your Address (Including your postcode)

The bike model (If you’re unsure please include a photo)

Or call on 0141 946 0777

Bike hire

We have a selection of bikes available for theatrical hire, including some authentic vintage bikes. If we don’t have what you want in stock we may be able to make something suitable. Contact our bike engineers for details.
Neil created the Uncommon Wheel website to accommodate his overflowing desire to tell people about bikes.