Build Your Own Bike

About our Build Your Own Bike Course
The course runs for 2 hours each week for 10 weeks at our bike workshops in Maryhill and Bridgeton.
During the course people pick a bike from our collection, take it apart, rebuild it with new parts as needed and keep it at the end. The course also teaches the basics of bike repair.
Even if you don’t have any bike knowledge or aren’t that into bikes, the course is still good fun if you fancy trying something completely different.

Maryhill Bike Workshop

Bridgeton Bike Workshop

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course. A great feeling of self satisfaction and achievement after each session. My confidence has improved greatly.”

“It really helps me keep a routine which helps me stay more stable.”

Donate a bike

If you have a bike that you no longer want, please donate it to us and we will use it for a Build Your Own Bike course, or recondition it and sell it on. It does not matter what state it is in. If it cannot be rebuilt we can usually use the parts. We also accept incomplete bikes, parts, accessories and tools.

If you have a bike you would like to donate email Neil at

Please include:

Your name

Your Address (Including your postcode)

The bike model (If you’re unsure please include a photo)

Or call on 0141 946 0777